Caregiving Kids Academy is an Intergenerational Learning Center which provides an environment that challenges and develops the creative skills, intellectual talents, and social well-being of our children. We will accomplish this by using age-appropriate methods for each student. Furthermore, we believe that all children need to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially. In order to make every child’s experience positive and meaningful, we will attempt to develop close relationships with parents and guardians. Our goal as an academy is to develop the whole child with parents and family involvement.




Caregiving Kids Academy uses the ABEKA curriculum and our Advanced Caregiving Kids Curriculum. This curriculum utilizes learning techniques that allow children to develop intellectually through books, art, music, nature, multi-media, phonics, and play. We believe that learning from one generation to another only enhances the whole child and family. This learning environment will enhance the child’s thinking ability, cognitive skills, physical development and social awareness both and school and at home.

Children will learn early age-appropriate skills such as woodworking, gardening, little entrepreneurs class, sewing, cooking, and much more. We offer a bi-annual family parenting first class. The structure of our curriculum is designed for the parent to assist us in making learning fun for the children. This will create an atmosphere of cooperation, partnership, and unity for the parent, teacher, and child—it’s a win, win situation for everyone!



Caregiving Kids Academy provides each class with a plan of learning activities that are age-appropriate for each child. The activities strike a balance between quiet time and active play. Storytime is included each day along with indoor and outdoor activities. Toddlers are exposed to an atmosphere of love which includes soft, soothing music, gentle touch. Integrating older adults in both story-time, and various activities enrich all generations and help to bridges the gap between the young and old.

Local Businesses & Parks
Local Nursing Homes
Local Social Organizations
Educators Presentations
CKA Toddler & Kids Spelling Bee
Alzheimer’s & Aging Services
Caregiving Kids Books & Presentations
Free Bi-Annual Health & Wellness Screenings
Caregiving Community Field Trips



HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday-Friday from 6:00 A.M.- 6:00 P.M. Ask about nights and weekends!
MEALS: Two (2) meals a day plus a snack.
CLASSES & SERVICES: Spanish, Computer, Gardening, Woodworking, Etiquette, Advanced Reading & Phonics, Science Explorations, Math Skills, Purposeful Play, Little Business Owner, Music & More!
Services include Free Bi-Annual Dental, Vision, Hearing, & Kids Health & Wellness Screenings. Early Cognitive-Motor Developmental Testing & Much More!
TUITION & TRANSPORTATION: $105.00/Weekly. Childcare Resources, DHR/private pay, and transportation